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Next Big Thing in Weight Loss

Yacon Syrup & Molasses Diet – My Opinion


 ‘Metabolism Game Changer’ ?

Yacon Syrup, or otherwise know as Yacon Diet or Yacon Molasses is the latest craze in respect of Weight Loss, Slimming & Dieting…but does it really work?

It recently appeared on Dr.Oz…..& let’s face it, wherever something appears on that show it’s going to be Massive !!


Below is the except from the show when they unveiled ‘Yacon Syrup':


What Are The Different Types ?

In theory there really isn’t different types….it is essentially a liquid/syrup that is extracted from the Yacon Root, but when I investigated it became clear there were differences between the offerings which I have tried to outline below.

Different Co’s that sell this have just given it different names to identify themselves from each other:

        • Yacon Syrup Plus      – This is actually supplied in Capsule Format
        • Yacon Molasses     – This is supplied as an Organic Syrup
        • Yacon Diet              – This is supplied in both a Syrup & Capsules

Above are the 3 main ones that are readily available online.


What are the Costs ?

This is the crunch for a lot of people. But the problem with a lot of these sites is they want all your details from you before they give this information up! Very frustrating & annoying.
Well I have ordered all of these products & I took details of all the options:


Yacon Syrup Plus (Capsules)

1 Month Supply  – $49.97
3 Month Supply (2 + 1 Free) – $94.97
5 Month Supply (3 + 2 Free) – $139.97

Click Here – Official Yacon Syrup Plus Website


Yacon Diet (Syrup & Capsules)

1 Month Supply – Syrup – $45
1 Month Supply – Capsules – $60
1 Month Supply – Syrup & Capsules – $65

2 Month Supply – 2 Syrup + 2 Capsules – $120
3 Months Supply – 3 Syrup + 3 Capsules – $150
4 Month Supply – 4 Syrup + 4 Capsules – $200

Click Here – Official Yacon Diet Website


 Yacon Molasses (Organic Syrup)

1 Month Supply – Syrup – $39.95
3 Months Supply (2 + 1 Free) – Syrup – $79.95
6 Months Supply (3 + 3 Free) – Syrup – $119.95

Click Here – Official Yacon Molasses Website


 What Do They Claim?

This is the crunch….will I lose weight?

The topping is if it really does work without me having to do anything else? (The ‘Holy Dieting Grail’)

According to the claims it causes a “significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index”. (NB: It did also say that going to the toilet (No. 2’s) increased as did the feeling of hunger).

A positive effect in cholesterol was found…..plus it’s a good source of FOS (fructooligosaccharides) –  producing a beneficial health effect on obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance (that is quite a niche group of people!).


 What Are People Saying About Yacon Syrup?

Not a lot !

This is such a new phenomena that there is very little feedback out there…..The Dr.Oz ‘trial’ was that 29 out of 40 women lost weight taking it whilst not changing anything else in their diet/lifestyle (this was not a clinical trial by any means).

To give you an idea of how new this is….Amazon in the UK has 1 review….& Amazon USA has 28 and this is across all Yacon Syrup products.

Another indication of how new this discovery is, is that most people have been using it as an alternative sweetener! nothing to do with weight loss.

The one review I did find said exactly what most are all hoping to hear – “Dropping Weight without Effort!!”….& this was literally days ago (I said it was new!!)




 Does It Work?

There would appear to be one way to find out….Try it & see for yourself.

There really isn’t any clinical results for Yacon Syrup when it is being used as a Weight Loss/Slimming product. It is so new that it really is just speculation & hype brought to you by TV Dr’s & the Media. These things tend to go viral when there introduced to us consumers in that manner.

I have bought all these products & am currently trialling them myself & will update this with my own findings (& any others I find). See the ‘My Verdict’ section below to find out which I am trying 1st & why.


Side Effects?

Weight Loss is the one most are hoping for!

The only potential side effects cited are that it may have a laxative effect on some & maybe flatulence.

The good news is that is it natural & therefore is not drug based so the harmful effects are going to be pretty limited. It is a natural sweetener which despite being sweet does not cause a ‘sugar spike’ which maybe linked to why it works in weight loss.



After careful consideration, I have decided to try the Yacon Molasses first. 

The reasons behind it are three-fold.

    • Firstly, if it does work, they offer the best value for money – $120 for a 6 month supply.
    • Secondly, it is a syrup. This is what all the hype was about, so thought I would start with this initially.
    • Thirdly, I have bought from this Co before & have always found their products good quality & they ship quickly (nobody likes waiting around when trying something new!).

I have the other 2 products also & will have to work out some sort of system as to how I trial them as well (a month at a time?)

I am only a few days into taking it as I write this…I am optimistic….I am not expecting miracles but I do have a good feeling. I have taken a note of my weight & fat content and will record the change on a weekly basis.

Which one should you choose? My gut feel is that it won’t matter….they are essentially the same ingredient…it may be a convenience thing for you (e.g. capsules over syrup). Either way, which ever you go for, let me know & let me know how you get on.


The Links to all the Official Websites are below:



  Yacon Molasses – Official Website





  Yacon Diet – Official Website





   Yacon Syrup Plus – Official Website






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